Lifting the lid on Flintshire’s finest food spots

Introducing Tate Rowlands tasting series with Amy...

Ever found yourself stuck on where to go out for dinner? Maybe there’s too much choice, or not enough? Scared of trying somewhere new in case ‘disappointed? Or are you new to the area and don’t know all the “must eats”?… I am going to help you!

As 2019 is the year of DO for me, I am going to start something that is a real passion of mine.

Anybody that knows me outside of Tate Rowlands knows that I am a proper foodie, I have been ever since I was a little girl – I just love experiencing and trying new recipes and foods, as well as the new people and cultures that you meet and along the way.

There’s so many places to eat nowadays and for such a wide variety of tastes that I tend to find people just stick to what they know! So, I am taking it upon myself to explore and share with you all the hidden gems that Flintshire has to offer… Because we’re absolutely spoilt with them!

Tate Rowlands heavily depends on the fantastic recommendations that we regularly receive, I want to support and help spread the word of all the excellent local eateries and keep Flintshire’s community strong.

So to all my fellow foodies out there, keep your eyes peeled for my first ‘taster’ in the next couple of weeks! I can’t wait to share it with you.

Love Amy x

P.S. If you would like us to feature your restaurant or food business in our new Taster Vlog series please feel to get in touch with [email protected]