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Love where you live

No matter what ‘home’ means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. It’s far more than just a practical place in which we spend our time… It’s an emotion or a state of mind.
It’s seems strange then, that many estate agents approach house sales from a practical point of view only. Buying a home is far more of an emotional purchase – helping someone to find their dream property involves really getting to know the buyer, their needs and their dreams.
So for all you potential buyers and even those of you who are settled where you are, we implore you to ‘love where you live’ and create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


House and home

Are you a ‘grass is always greener’ type person when it comes to your home? You can always tell by the amount of time you spend on Rightmove or drooling over interior magazines.
We’re all guilty of it to some degree – I often drive through the beautiful Flintshire villages imagining an alternative lifestyle where I cycle to work (please note, I am wearing a floral dress and riding a bike with a basket in this scenario), join the local Amateur Dramatics group and garden on the weekends.
The hashtag #lovewhereyoulive is definitely flooding our instagram and social media these days but suprisingly it’s not just revolving around the property itself but focuses on a sense of community.
Whether you are searching for your dream home or simply left uninspired by the one you are currently in, read our top tips on how to #lovetheplaceyoulive.

no. 1 • welcome space

Your home is exactly that… yours. It needs to suit your needs and no one elses. Don’t follow trends but create a space that suits your dream lifestyle.

no. 2 • Change your attitude

If ‘home’ is a feeling or is a state of mind as Aristotle once said, then changing your attitude towards a place will certainly help.

no. 2 • join in

A community makes us feel connected but it’s no use if you don’t join in! If there is nothing in your area, why not start something?

no. 4 • fresh eyes

Actively look for the positives in your area and use the hastag to document them – you’ll be surprised how quickly a positive attitude can catch on!

no. 4 • time to move on?

If you find yourself complaining about your home, it may just be time to move on! Just make sure you know what you are looking for next time!