Selling Houses in Winter | Homes Sell In Winter And Yours Can Too

Selling Houses in Winter

January can be a bit of a gloomy month but not in the estate agency industry. Homes sell in Winter and yours can too! 

According to experts, now is the time to start your property hunt and use the post-festive lull to bag a bargain. The busiest time for Rightmove is between Christmas and New Year. Stats hit a record high on boxing day last year. It looks like we are all busy planning our next steps – our dream home is top of that list!

5 reasons why you should sell in January

1.New Year equals New Start
People start to look to fulfill dreams at this time of year.

2. It’s about serious buyers
This time of year people are serious about buying rather than just browsing.

3. Less competition
Whilst people are waiting for Spring, there’s less competition on the market.

4. You can create a truly inviting home
Think Hygge and you’ll be on the right lines… cosy and warm homes sell.

5. Corporate moves happen in January
January is the most popular month for corporate transfers.

Don’t miss out just because you think that Spring is the best time…