Taking the stress out of selling your home

Taking the stress out of selling your homeA recent survey has revealed that the most stressful event in someone’s life is selling a house. According to a study by Vivo Property Buyers, people find the task of selling their home more stressful than other major life events like having a baby, starting a new job or getting a divorce. It stands to reason then that managing this stress by choosing the right estate agent is critical. Amy Rowlands, Director of Tate Rowlands Estate Agency Flintshire, explains her top tips for taking the stress out of selling your home.

Choose the right estate agent for you

It’s important that you feel you can communicate with your chosen estate agent. Not knowing what is happening is perhaps the biggest cause of stress and frustration when selling your home.

You need to know that your property is important to your estate agent and that you will be able to contact them whenever you need to.

Opt for a ‘we do it all for you’ service

There are lots of online only agents on the market at the moment and although they may be cheaper, it does mean that the  viewings and negotiation fall on your shoulders.

Having someone else to do the viewings means that an estate agent may be able to get to the heart of a situation and gain valuable feedback on which to start building negoitiations.

Make the right first impression

You only get one chance to make the right first impression! The first few weeks on the market are usually the time you can make an impact.

Pick an agent that will spend the time advising you on staging your home for the photographs, informing you of the current market and what potential buyers want. Always go with an agent who uses a professional photographer!

Price it right

The waiting game is perhaps one of the most stressful parts of selling your home. Get the price wrong, you could be waiting a long time to attract viewers. Instead, see pricing as a strategy. Opt for ‘offers around’ or ‘in excess of’. Remember, getting on to the first step of negoitiation is always the hardest.

Don’t be swayed by estate agents that value your home at a high ‘unrealistic’ price. Honesty and transparency are the best qualities in an agent.

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